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2012 Fifth China Shengzhou Motor Exhibition

Brilliant autumn, passion float in the sky. Our company took part in the October 25, 2012-27 the three-day 2012 the fifth China shengzhou motor exhibition, an exhibition of the motor from jiangsu, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, Taiwan, and other 13 provinces, city (area) the enterprise participation. The 231 enterprises, of which 72 enterprises of the city, the municipal external enterprises 159, a total of 582 booths.

China hi-tech fair gathered in the zhejiang university, wuhan university, nanjing university, Harbin industrial university, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, xi 'an jiaotong university and so on more than 40 units, will focus on science and technology cooperation projects signed 36 items, including new materials, new energy, diatomite and other emerging industries, as well as electroacoustic, kitchen utensils, tie, mechanical motor, so the traditional industry field.

Through the exhibition I company sign the bill on the spot two devices, consulting clients to achieve more than 30, has come to a successful conclusion. 


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