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Vacuum industry visit fair - zhejiang line

2012.7.11 14

With the rapid development of science and technology, the vacuum technology can be widely used. In recent years in Beijing, tianjin, shandong, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and other regions of the industry organization between tour activities, obtained the visit units of warm reception and support, the representatives to give praise and welcome. Should the vacuum colleagues requirements, strengthen equipment manufacturers and application the communication between the customer and exchange, promote enterprise's common progress and harmonious development. China vacuum nets, Chinese vacuum society office, Shanghai vacuum society, the zhejiang province vacuum society, zhejiang vacuum equipment group co., LTD., zhejiang over mechanical and electrical co., LTD. Jointly coalition vacuum boundary colleague and the relevant units in zhejiang area between industry visit exchange activities.

¡¾ the conference participants ¡¿

Vacuum and the related application industry leaders, managers, eventually, procurement production supervisor, inspection personnel, scientific research institutions skill

Operation staff and to learn more about vacuum technology related staff more than 50 people. Warmly welcome the masses of vacuum colleagues are encouraged to participate in the communication, to promote together.

¡¾ conference contents ¡¿

1, China and the United States manufacturing differences and Chinese manufacturing enterprise transformation and upgrading of Xiao - but the doctor

2, digital management - achievement of excellence enterprise - GuanXueFeng - chief operating officer

3, zhejiang vacuum equipment group co., LTD. - do the report

4, zhejiang over mechanical and electrical co., LTD. - do the report

5, visit the zhejiang vacuum equipment group co., LTD

6, visit the zhejiang over mechanical and electrical co., LTD

7, organization exchange activities

¡¾ propaganda media ¡¿

This conference has included the Chinese vacuum society 2012 annual activity plan, and report the China science and technology association. In China and vacuum on the homepage of conference information, vacuum BBS, vacuum bookstore, training information edition piece on the release. At the same time in the vacuum ", "vacuum electronic technology", "Shanghai vacuum newspaper", "vacuum communication", the local vacuum society and related vacuum professional media publicity.

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