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Zhangjiagang City Yicheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yi Cheng Group locates in Korea Industrial Park in the civilized city---Zhangjia gang City, consists of two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Zhangjiagang Yi Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Yi Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. After many years of healthy and stable development, three core business segments of Vacuum Impregnation Equipment, Gloves Release Equipment, Rolling and Cutting electrical equipment are established. Mainly consists technical research and development, manufacturing and sales, including provide the whole value chain service of engineering design, installation, commissioning, training of personnel management and total solutions. Yi Cheng Group's commitment to industrialization development, we have our own production base----three segments of manufacturing capacity continuously upgrade: Vacuum impregnation equipment, Gloves releasing of equipment, Rolling machine and cutting electrical equipment. Our technology and engineering field is in a leading position. Facing the tide of economic globalization, Yi Cheng Group carries out strategy of internationalization and Technology-based to continuous improve and develop. Our team consists of many industry experts, engineers and technicians. We successfully cooperate with domestic famous school in technology, introduced latest technology and method both national and international, through in-depth study and practice, manufacturing products at a higher level with equipment features, structure and technology. Due to the excellence of quality and perfect service, establish long-term cooperation relationship with more country customer such as France, Russia, Turkey, Viet Nam, India, Malaysia and Bangladesh to continue create value and achieve total win. Yi Cheng Group's vision is "create the industry's top brand, become a first-class evergreen enterprises." In the rapid development of science and technology, advancing and innovating of Yi Cheng people willing to work with new and old customers, supporting vendors, co-loader and all walks supporting the development of Yi Cheng to create the glorious future together!

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