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1,Cultural characteristics: harmonious, pragmatic and enterprising culture of innovation


2, the value of the concept: self-cultivation, governance industry, pregnant with the world


3, the spirit of enterprise: the ideal future success


4, the standards of conduct: customer first, agile and effective, Tokujitsu Figure new, win-win cooperation


(1) The product concept: accurate design lean manufacturing


(2) The service concept: creating value for customers in order to create value for its own


(3) research and development philosophy: innovation Yun market Auntie still need the labor interest Lecheng achievements boutique from persistent


(4) management philosophy: people this is the first systematic thinking, based on professionalism, attention to detail


(5) the concept of human resources: heavy career-driven heavy teamwork, heavy actual ability to re-forge ahead, heavy job performance


(6) Vocational style: just diligent passion generosity

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